Friday, September 14, 2007

Although we've come to the end of the road

Still I can't let go.......

It's official. My blog is moving to

Please update your links and then stop by and visit.


Blogger Issues

Bear with me. My whole template is out of whack and I may be changing the scenery.
I have to go find a background I can live with.

The Week in Review

This has been an interesting week.

*I have had to deal with a Shawty at my job.

*I have been chosen to plan and execute a Regional Meeting in three weeks.

*My son started Kindergarten and his soccer schedule starts tonight.

*Two rappers with huge egos faked a rivalry to sell lots of records.

*We learned that Ms. Porter was not the only chick in D.iddy's arsenal that was sitting around for over ten years making babies. (go.ogle Sar.ah Cha.pman) They both fell for the okey doke. That man is a P.I.M.P

*A former pop star watched her star fade.

*I decided to not wear anymore babydoll shirts after the coffee lady asked me if I was pregnant.

Yup, it's a wrap. Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

When I grow up...

I want to have the class of Michelle

The Clout of Opra.h

The Classic Beauty of Iman

The Intelligence of Lani

The Will of Assata

The voice of Heather

The Iconic Style of Naomi

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Go Shawty, It's ya Birthday.

Disclaimer: This post may offend the vertically challenged. Any thoughts or observations are strictly the tainted views of Ms. 1969 based on her personal experiences. Any resemblence to you or your life are purely coincidental.

I work with a lot of men. In my past 8 years with this company...I have come to make certain observations regarding men of a "shorter" stature. I would now like to share these with you.

1. Short men in the business world tend to overestimate their importance.
It's almost like they need to let you know their existence is vital to make themselves feel taller. **reference: Napoleon**

2. Short men in the business world tend to speak down to everyone around them.
Talking down to co-workers = Ego Boost
Since their height can't get a boost, why not their egos? **reference: Ka.nye W.est**

3. Short men in the business world seem to be experts at EVERYTHING and delight in sharing their knowledge depsite a lack of interest from related parties.
Perhaps the further distance from the quality air over time has made their brains evolve slightly ahead of their taller counterparts? **reference: George Jefferson, of The Jeffersons**

4. Short men in the business world are angry at women.
Perhaps hearing "You're cute but too short." in their personal lives have made them bitter? **reference: John L.egend**

5. Short men in the business world can be ruthless and will do anything to get noticed.
Perhaps constantly being looked over in other arenas has forced them to develop their other senses and skills. Watch your back. They will do what it takes to win and get what they want. **reference: Jermain.e D.upri**

1969 works with a short man.

This has been a 1969 public service announcement (c)

Never Forget

There is nothing I could write that would be as important as remembering our loved ones that perished on this day six years ago.

I was pregnant with my first child when the attacks happened. I watched when the second plane crashed into the Towers. I watched as people jumped out of the windows.
I watched as the plane crashed into the Pentagon, in the field in Pennsylvania.
I saw the towers, once the symbols of fortitude, collapse and disappear from the New York City skyline.

I gasped when I realized the towers were collapsing on top of one of our Hotels, where we ended up losing three brave individuals who had gone back after the evacuation to make sure all the guests were out safely.

I waited all day to hear from my mother, my brother. I rejoiced that they made it home safely. My brother walked from midtown Manhattan all the way to Brooklyn. He practically carried an old woman across the Brooklyn Bridge and it took him 8 hours, but he made it home.

And lastly, I can never forget, my wonderful and brave New Yorkers. On that day, we solidified our status as the greatest city in the world. Magnified by our actions and the strength we displayed. I have never been more proud to be a New Yorker.

Rest in Peace to the casualties, the victims of 9/11.

I will never forget.


Monday, September 10, 2007

This is the remix....

Just got into the office. I am happy to report that no tears were shed as we left our oldest son in the hands of total strangers now responsible for his daily well-being :)

I did fight off a few tears as I helped my son get dressed in his new uniform. I thought about the fact that this may be one of the last times I actually help him get dressed. The tears started to form, but I fought them off and was victorious.

He walked into his new school a little anxious but extremely excited. We'll see how he feels at 4pm when I pick him up.

As for the rest of the weekend, I attended my favorite cousin's wedding on Saturday.
It was a beautiful wedding and I got to spend time with my entire family (without kids). We danced, consumed lots of alcohol and ate way too much. A good time indeed. and lots of it. I knew going into the season that my Giants were going to have an uphill battle and so...*gasp* I did not pick them to win against Dallas. Yes, we may have lost our running back too. This is going to be one tough season for us. The loss of Tiki is going to really be felt. The good side? Eli had a good game :)

As for those EAGLES? LMAO. I love coming to work after an Eagles loss....everyone is quiet.

Oh yeah....and Britney S.pears is DONE. Whatever she called that performance last night was HORRIBLE. Her career is done. And Sarah Okay, I get it. Her comedic schtick is all about insulting people. However, to say that Brit.ney's two kids are "mistakes" was so not appropriate. If a b.lack com.edian had made that joke???? Yup.....we would all be reading about it this morning on CNN.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Open House

So Tali 1 and I are spending his last day of freedom at home today. His school had an open house for the Kindergarten parents to come and meet their teachers and tour the classrooms this morning. Parents can only drop the kids in the schoolyard and then leave on Monday. They don't want the parents wailing and falling out on the first day. As his new teacher said "The kids will act the way their parents no crying! Be excited and happy for them."

As I toured his new classroom, I didn't have high expectations as far as amenities. While we were looking at private schools, I saw everything from horseback riding to squash courts. His school, although superb academically, is still a public school in Philadelphia. **insert deep sigh here**

As I pulled up to the nondescript brick building, I prepared myself to see the standard industrial greyish green classrooms with bad lighting. Instead, the doors opened to a bright and beautiful space. The floors are in a bright checkerboard pattern. There is gorgeous artwork everywhere. His kindergarten class has it's own computer lab. They have a science lab in the building and an art class. In his classroom, the walls are painted with a gorgeous mural. Heck, my first grade (did we even go to Kindergarten back in the day?) was that industrial green and not overly exciting.

More important, his teacher is young, enthusiastic and excited to teach. She already had the kids names memorized. She has their names up on the board and she made them feel right at home. She showed them their cubbies, their library and where all of their learning activities will take place.

I feel so good about dropping him off on Monday. And I promise not to cry.........

until after he walks through the doors.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Too much TV is a bad thing....

Me: Son, you know Christmas is coming right?

Tali: It is?

Me: Yup. Do you know what you want for Christmas?

Tali: YES!!! I want a Tempurpedic.

Me: **crickets** A What?

Tali: A Tempurpedic.

Me: The Mattress?

Tali: Yes! Mom, it's so cool. I can jump on it and my juice won't fall. And you can sleep on one side and I can jump on the other side and you won't wake up.

Me: OH-KAY. Uh, is there anything else you want?

Tali: Um...a big Transformer?

Me: **wipes forehead in relief** okay...that's more like it.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An Open Letter to Miss Porter

Dear Kim:

May I call you Kim? I may not know you, but your story strikes a chord with me. I know so many women that are caught up in a similar situation and I feel that it must be addressed.

Over the weekend, you were spotted back in the arms of your ex-boyfriend at his annual party in the Hamptons. In addition, a close friend of mine who is also a close friend of yours claims that you have taken him back due to his current promise of marriage and you were seen "canoodling" with him throughout the party and then spent the night with him "allegedly".

Now I know folks going through this same situation and yes, at least you stand to gain some money.

However, it seems that you have sold your self-respect to the highest bidder. As a mother, I implore you to think about the message you are sending to your children. To continually allow a man to cheat and then take him back leads to a dead end.

The man obviously has lost respect for you. You can lie to yourself but you have damaged your own self-worth.

Make that clean start, don't allow him to throw in the claims of "marriage". You were good enough to sit up in the house and make babies for him. To look pretty at the parties in your nice dresses. To play house with. But he has proven time and again that he is not willing to stop living the single life for you. Your feelings are not at the forefront of his mind when he is spending time at the Riviera.

Even if he does marry you, what then? Like I said, I don't know you, but I know that enough is enough. Start over and live your life. Leave for good, leave for your children. Teach them that mommy is putting herself and their happiness before the money. Good're gonna need it.


I have been waiting for this day for YEARS.

Maxwell just released a snippet of one of his new songs on his myspace page.

If you are a fan, check it out.

And I have lyrics:

Pretty Wings Lyrics

written and produced by
hod david and musze

time will bring the real end of our trial
one day they'll be no remnants
no trace no residual feelings within ya..
one day u won't remember me

yo face will be the reason i smile
but i will not see what i can not have forever
i'll always love ya i hope u feel the same

oh u played me dirty your game was so bad
u toyed with my affliction had to fill out my prescription
found the remedy i had to set u free

away from me
to see clearly the way that love can be
when u are not with me
i had to leave, i have to live
i had to lead, i had to live

if i cant have u let love set u free
to fly yo pretty wings around
pretty wings your pretty wings
your pretty wings around


It's a wrap

For me, the Summer is officially over. Back to re-focusing on the rest of the year.
All of my activities and personal committments reconvene and I have to dust the Wonder Woman crown off and get ready to leap tall buildings and save the universe.

Next Monday, my big Tali goes back to school. My sorority meetings enjoyed a nice summer break but we are off our hiatus and I will be chairing a few new committees.

Work starts to get busier, more projects due as we start to focus on 2008. I also have projects to do at home that fell by the wayside months ago.

Sometimes, I need to feel like I am under pressure because then I will actually get things done. You know, that college feeling. Like when you waited all semester and slacked off and then had to pull an all-nighter to hand in that last minute paper that was like 70% of your grade? LOL

I think I thrive under pressure and deadlines. I really should be more proactive with my life. However, when I do plan something, my plans always get cast aside by some unscheduled turn of events. I now leave well enough alone and just prepare for the onslaught.

No real post today...just feeling the turn of the tides as fall approaches. Hope you enjoyed a great Labor Day weekend.